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as a kid i always had way more energy than anyone could handle - thankfully during one of my "timeouts" standing in the corner, again, i discovered that i could make these sounds. there was something about the way i felt while doing so that seemed to calm me my mother said. well, really she thought i was in some kind of agony and came running to my aid the first time she heard it only to find that i was happily tra-la-la-ing away serving out the rest of my sentence. not much has changed. singing (yes, i think that's what it was) became my saving grace. only now i have an intrinsic need to find brave and inspired words,the exact words (therapy) with the perfect melody and feel, i know - the holy grail, to sing and play. i have been playing guitar for forever but it was just in the last few years since i started writing on the piano that i have come to understand the guitar a bit. i record on a Korg 3200 lay down a canned drum and a key bass even throw some vox on my baby squire sometimes breathy sax or violin some vocals - well come to think of it most of my tracks still have my scratch vocals. funny how things change. i used to put three parts on everything whether they needed it or not - ha.. let somebody else take care of the instruments and mix - as long as my voice was perfect..not anymore - i am wild with this desire to create an air quality record... that should keep me busy humm lets see .. the rest of my life i suppose.
But anyway, i have the guy who worries about the instruments and the mixing and mastering and makes my voice sound perfect. his name is Marty Rifkin. not only a great producer with incredible instincts - produced my current CD "on my way home" -  but a brilliant musician with chops that will rock your world. (Rifkin Productions in Santa Monica) https://open.spotify.com/artist/1JXL8kjAGGaKcKNwUuCw0M
writing has been a complete blessing for me. i learned from the best. The amazing Jason Hickman. my first band - "Out of the Blue" writing partners Steve Newton and Donna Bliven very talented lyricists - his original material is outstanding - "Moon over Memphis" "Texas on my Mind" "Dance 'til you Drop","Worth the Wait" thank you Doug Steed for that radio commercial on that one..Jason Hickman is a hit writer for sure. Dave Hall and Michael Hardie the bassmen - miss you guys!
we played some really good shows even the Nashville Network. local radio and TV - but home was always Texas Looseys. OTB #2 Bankok, Thailand with Andy Hill (who is also on my CD)Renee Safier, Luis Oliart, Tyrone Fleming and Mike Batista played FM228 for 4 1/2mos
Renee and Andy play local South Bay andyandrenee.com Dylanfest in may
band name"Patti "O" and the great divide" Kathy Jameson, Ralph Clayton, James Saad"I'm Stronger" covered by Roe McCaw "Half Hearted Man" film Deceit. band name"Full Circle" with Sylvia Owens on bass and vocals and Debra Bain congas and vocals-performed in Scotland. band name "Patti O & Mo' Skinz" Guadalupe River in Texas discovered Brazilian Portuguese.hooked by Maria Bethana's voice. Victor Cardenas began teaching me to sing in the beautiful language. we collaborated on original materialw/ Victor Paredes and Dave "Da Snake" Horn."call of the dolphin", "La Caverna", CD called
Patti O & Mo' Sknz" https://open.spotify.com/artist/2CvoB6RwPgQVJYotqvGNYn
Currently I am enjoying singing with Debra Bain as much as possible!!!